ATM/White Label ATM

1. What is an Automated Teller Machine (ATM)?

Ans. An ATM is a computerised machine that provides customers of banks the facility of accessing their accounts for dispensing cash and to carry out other financial & non-financial transactions without the need to visit the bank branch.

2. What are White Label ATMs (WLAs)?

Ans. ATMs set up, owned and operated by non-banks are called WLAs. Non-bank ATM operators are authorised under the Payment & Settlement Systems Act, 2007 by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

3. As a customer, is there any difference in facilities available at a bank ATM and a WLA?

Ans. For a customer, using a WLA is just like using an ATM of any bank.

4. What has been the rationale for allowing non-bank entities to set up WLAs?

Ans. The rationale to allow non-bank entities to set up WLAs has been to increase the geographical spread of ATMs for increased / enhanced customer service, especially in semi-urban / rural areas.

5. What are the services / facilities available at ATMs / WLAs?

Ans. In addition to dispensing cash, ATMs / WLAs may offer many other services / facilities to customers. Some of such services include:

  • Account Information
  • Cash Deposit
  • Regular Bill Payment
  • Purchase of Re-load Vouchers for Mobiles (not permitted at WLAs)
  • Mini / Short Statement Generation
  • PIN Change
  • Request for Cheque Book

6. What types of cards can be used at an ATM / WLA?

Ans. The ATM / ATM cum debit cards, credit cards and prepaid cards, as permitted by the issuer, can be used at ATMs/WLAs for various transactions.

7. What are the pre-requisites for transacting at an ATM / WLA?

Ans. For transacting at an ATM / WLA, the customer should traditionally have a valid card and Personal Identification Number (PIN). RBI has also allowed card-less withdrawals at ATMs.

8. What is Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

Ans. PIN is the numeric password which is separately mailed / handed over to the customer by the bank while issuing the card. Most banks require the customers to change the PIN after the first use. Customers should not disclose PIN to anybody, including to bank officials. Customers should change the PIN at regular intervals.

9. Can cards issued by a bank in India be used at any ATM / WLA in the country?

Ans. Yes, the cards issued by banks in India can be used at any ATM / WLA in the country.