Coding Decoding for SBI PO

Here is the Quiz of Coding Decoding for SBI PO 2020,

Directions (1-5): Study the following information to answer the given questions

In a certain code
crown queen story palace‘ is written as ‘op lp we jk‘,
rose queen story flower‘ is written as ‘ir lp fu op‘.
palace king rose water‘ is written as ‘ty ir gb jk
story land king dream‘ is written as ‘ty xz lo lp
Q1. Which of the following words can be coded as ‘op fu gb ta’?
(a) crown flower rose water
(b) land water flower princess
(c) flower dream story king
(d) queen flower water lily
(e) palace water land rose
Q2. Which of the following is the code for ‘palace’?
(a) lo
(b) jk
(c) ty
(d) we
(e) fu
Q3. How is ‘flower story crown’ be written in this code?
(a) ty ir fu
(b) lp op we
(c) fu lp we
(d) we fu jk
(e) None of these
Q4. Which of the following code represent for ‘dream’?
(a) xz
(b) lr
(c) fu
(d) Either (a) or (e)
(e) lo
Q5. What does “ty” represent in the code?
(a) King
(b) Crown
(c) Story
(d) flower
(e) water

Directions (6-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

In a certain code language
election survey people’ is written as ‘yo vo na’,
biopic law member’ is written as ‘sa ra ta’,
people law lead’ is written as ‘la vo sa’,
review nation election’ is written as ‘yo ha ja’.
Q6. What is the code for ‘election’?
(a) ja
(b) ha
(c) yo
(d) na
(e) None of these
Q7. ‘review nation biopic’ can be written as
(a) ja ha ta
(b) ta ra ha
(c) ha ja ra
(d) Either (a) or (c)
(e) None of these
Q8. What is the code for ‘review’?
(a) ja
(b) yo
(c) la
(d) ha
(e) Can’t be determined
Q9. What does ‘la’ stand for?
(a) law
(b) lead
(c) survey
(d) nation
(e) None of these
Q10. What is the code for ‘law’?
(a) ja
(b) yo
(c) sa
(d) ha
(e)None of these


1. Ans.(d)
2. Ans.(b)
3. Ans.(c)
4. Ans.(d)
5. Ans.(a)

Election yo
Survey na
People Vo
Biopic/member ra/ta
Law sa
Lead La
Review/nation ha/ja

6. Ans.(c)
7. Ans.(d)
8. Ans.(e)
9. Ans.(b)
10. Ans.(c)