Current affairs quiz 20 july 2020

Q1.Which Union Territory’s administration has approved Rs 25 lakhs insurance cover for all local elected members?

Ans.1.(a) J&K
The Jammu and Kashmir administration on July 18, 2020 announced a life insurance cover of Rs 25 lakhs for all elected members of urban local bodies and Panchayati raj institutions. This is significant as the locally elected members in J&K are under constant threat from terrorists.

Q2.Who became the first cricketer to violate ICC’s ‘saliva ban’ rule?
a)Jofra Archer
b)Dom Sibley
c)Stuart Broad
d)Chris Woakes

Ans.2.(b) Dom Sibley
England’s Dom Sibley became the first cricketer to violate ICC’s ‘saliva ban’ rule during Day 4 of England’s second test series against West Indies at OId Trafford in Manchester. Dom Sibley accidentally applied saliva on the ball during the match. However, he immediately informed the umpires about it and they used disinfectant to disinfect the ball.

Q3.Which nation has banned free internet services for social media?

Ans.3.(c) Bangladesh
The Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has directed the telecom companies to stop free internet services to its subscribers for accessing social media. The regulatory authority stated that it gives rise to unhealthy competition between the companies.

Q4.NASA has postponed the launch of James Webb Space Telescope till when?
a)December 2021
b)September 2021
c)October 2021
d)July 2022

Ans.4.(c) October 2021
NASA has rescheduled the launch of James Webb Space Telescope to October 31, 2021. The launch was earlier scheduled for March 2021. The space agency had confirmed last month that the March 2021 launch target was not possible due to the delays brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and other technical challenges.

Q5.Which nation’s Parliament has begun the process of banning same-sex marriage?
b)South Korea
c)United Kingdom

Ans.5.(d) Russia
Russian Parliament has initiated the process of banning same-sex marriage. The Russian lawmakers had on July 14, 2020 submitted draft legislation that seeks to ban same-sex marriage.

Q6.Which among the following tech giants has announced USD 10 billion worth investment in India?

Ans.6.(d) Google
Google CEO Sundar Pichai on July 13, 2020 announced an investment worth Rs. 75,000 crore , which is approximately $10 billion, in India over the next 5-7 years through the ‘Google for India Digitization Fund’.

Q7.India has become the second-largest source of FDI in which nation?

Ans.7.(d) UK
United Kingdom (UK) government figures which were released on July 10 showed that India has become the second-largest source of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the UK by investing in 120 projects and creating 5,429 new jobs in the United Kingdom.

Q8.Which nation’s GDP plunged by record 41.2 percent in the last three months?

Ans.8.(b) Singapore
Singapore’s economy has slumped into recession with a record plunge in GDP by almost 41.2 percent in the last three months. This is largely due to the extended lockdown imposed to contain COVID-19 spread in the nation.

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