General Awareness& General science questions asked in RRB JE on 22-May 2019

GA (General Awareness) & GS (General Science) Questions asked in the1st and 2nd Shift of Today’s Exam

1.Who was Father of Great Emperor Akbar?
2. Which among the following is the recent film of actress Alia Bhatt?
3. Who discovered Malaria?
4. Which among is the party of Jayalalitha from TamilNadu?
5. Who among the following founded the city of Fatehpur Shikri?
6. Oddishi Dance form belons to which state among the following?
7. C2H60 is an ether, acid or alcohol?
8. First Olympic Games where held in which among the following places?
9. What is the atomic number of Gold (Au)?
10. Who among the following is Australian Open Winner?
11.Where is the first insect Museum situated?
12. You are given a spherical lens and object is placed at infinity..then where will image form?
13. Who was given the nickname “Krishnancoil Ramki”?
14. Which among the following is India’s national aquatic animal?
15. To whom is the credit given for Nagercoil Library founder?
16. Which among the following teams was IPL Runner up in 2017?
Ans. Pune supergiants
and 2 questions were from Sports.

17. Which President of India served for the longest term?
18.Who discovered Vitamin C?
19. Ph value is 4-5, the compound is Acid or Base?
20.Which among the following acids is responsible for digestion in human body?
21. What is the composition of alloy Solder?
22. Question based on Octate Scale.
23.Theme of Water Day for 201_?
24. When is Energy Conservation Day celebrated?
25.What is the meaning of Republic?
26. Vitamin C is found in among which of the following?
27. What are the number of atoms in Oxygen?
28. Which among the following Dams is built on Krishna river?
Ans. Nagarjuna
29. First ever Dronacharya given was related to which sport?
30. Which among the following is the cleanest Railway zone?
Ans. South Central
31. Who is the Chief Minister of Odisha?
32. Who is the author of Accidental Prme Minister?
33. What is the ph value of Wine?
34. Ranji Trophy is associated with which of the following sports?
35. Who is the current CEO of NITI AAYOG?
36. Hand in hand milatory exercise was practised between which of the following countries?
Ans. India & China
37. Where is situated Bibi ka Makbara?
38. Where is the headquarter of ICICI located?
39. Optimologist deals with ?
40.CHO Belongs to?
41.Which acid is present in Venus’s atmosphere?
42. Dance form which doesn’t belong to India?
43.Deficiency of protein in children?
44. Which among the following is not dance form?
45.One question releated to algae?
46.Unit of sound is?
47.Which cell among the following carries oxygen?
48.Himawari 3 launched by Japan for what purpose?