IBPS IT Officer

Operating System    
What is Operating System, its types and different services?What are the different properties of an operating system? Processes Process Scheduling CPU Scheduling and Scheduling Algorithms
Threads Memory Management Virtual Memory I/O Hardware I/O Softwares
File System SecurityIntroduction to Deadlock and prevention

Database Management System   
What is Operating System, its types and different services?Data models in DBMSDBMS Generalization vs Specialization and AggregationDBMS Keys: Primary, Candidate, Super, Alternate and Foreign
DBMS SQL OverviewDBMS - NormalizationDBMS - JoinsDBMS - Indexing
DBMS - Hashing

Computer Networks    
Computer Networks- IntroductionComputer Networks-ArchitechtureComputer Networks - TypesComputer Networks- TopologiesComputer Networks- TCP/IP Model
Computer Networks- OSI Model and Different layersComputer Networks -Routing algorithmComputer Networks - ARP