Latest Current Affairs Quiz 22 and 23 June 2019

Current Affairs Quiz 22 and 23 June

1. Four Rajya Sabha MPs of which party joined the BJP on June 20?

a) TDP
b) Congress
c) DMK
d) Shiv Sena

2. Who has been named as the new speaker of Lok Sabha?

a) Virendra Kumar
b) Om Birla
c) Jitendra Singh
d) Nitin Gadkari

3. Who has been named as the Congress leader in Lok Sabha?

a) Manish Tewari
b) Shashi Tharoor
c) K Suresh
d) Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury

4. Which cricketer has been ruled out of the ICC World Cup tournament?

a) Rishab Pant
b) Bhuvneshwar Kumar
c) Rohit Sharma
d) Shikhar Dhawan

5. Who won Femina Miss India 2019 Pageant?

a) Shivani Jadhav
b) Shreya Shanker
c) Suman Rao
d) Anukreethy Vas

6. What is the name of cryptocurrency wallet announced by Facebook and its partners recently?

a) Aries
b) Taurus
c) Calibra
d) Moon

7. PM Narendra Modi performed Yoga on International Yoga Day 2019 at which city?

a) Jabalpur
b) Ranchi
c) Gandhinagar
d) Chandigarh

8. What is the name of Facebook’s new digital currency?

a) Gemini
b) Pisces
c) Libra
d) Taurus


1. (a) TDP

In a mega political setback, four of six Telgu Desham Part (TDP) Rajya Sabha group has passed resolution to merge themselves with the BJP.

2. (b) Om Birla

Om Birla has been named as the new Lok Sabha Speaker by the NDA. He is elected Member of Parliament from Kota, Rajasthan. Om Birla will file nomination for Lok Sabha speaker elections today. As soon as the new Speaker is appointed, Virendra Kumar’s role will cease to exist.

3.  (d) Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury

The Congress named five-time MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury as the leader of the party in the Lok Sabha. Chowdhury – a five-time member of the Lok Sabha – was chosen in view of his long experience in the parliament and the party. Others in running for the post included Kerala leader K Suresh, party spokesperson Manish Tewari and Shashi Tharoor.

4. (d) Shikhar Dhawan

Shikhar Dhawan has been ruled out of the entire cricket world cup 2019 due to fracture on his thumb. Dhawan had gotten hurt during his century innings against Australia. Rishab Pant has been called in to replace Dhawan in the team.

5. (c) Suman Rao

Suman Rao, Miss India Rajasthan was crowned the winner of Femina Miss India World 2019 during a star-studded grand finale of the beauty pageant.

6. (c) Calibra

One of the first applications built on top of the Libra blockchain will be Calibra, a cryptocurrency wallet that will allow users to receive and send Libra. In contrast to Libra, the stablecoin, and Libra, the blockchain, Calibra (the company) is a subsidiary of Facebook, and the development of Calibra (the wallet) will be under Facebook’s control.

7. (b) Ranchi

PM Narendra Modi will join the programme at Ranchi on June 21 on the occasion of International Yoga Day 2019. The program will be organised at Prabhat Tara ground. Modi will join the yoga session along with 18,000 people.

8. (c) Libra

Facebook launched its own digital currency ‘Libra’, powered by blockchain technology, for users around the world. Facebook’s ‘Calibra’ digital wallet will let users save, send and spend Libra with a smartphone.