1) Saboteur : One  who damages things.
2) Stingy   :   One who tries to save money as far as possible.
3) Pedantic :  One who tries to sound more learned than others.
4) Distraught : One who is extremely worried

.5) Incorrigible : One who cannot be corrected / reformed.

6) Stubborn : One who is not flexible in behaviour.
7) Reverend  : One who deserve respect.
8) Unpredictable : One whose behaviour is cannot be predicted.
9) Hilarious : funny in behaviour.
10) Eminent : Known & respect
11) Diffident : One who lacks confidence.
12) Ambivalent : Having mixed feeling.
13) Ambivert : Neither too extrovert nor too introvert.
14) Extrovert : One who share his feelings with other.
15) Extrovert : One who does not shares his feelings with others.
16) Benevolent : One who wards/prays for others.
17) Capricious  : Unpredictable acentric
18) Heretical : Unorthodox
19) Psychotic : A person with mental disease in which he feels unreal things present around him.
20) Misanthrope : One who hates mankind.
21) Misogynist : One who hates women.
22) Misogamist : One who hates marriage.
23) Flamboyant : (synonym) Showy/Ostentatious/Pompous (antonym) modest/ascetic
24) Fastidious : Hard to please (finicy: synonym)
25) Celibate : unmarried male (bachelor), unmarried female (spinster)
Animals Eating habits :
a) Herbivores : Animals that eats vegetation.
b) Carnivores :That eat flesh.
c) Omnivores : Eats both vegetation of flesh.
d) Scavenger  : Eats dirt & decay flesh.
e) Parasitism : One is benefited other is harmed. Animals or plants living one another.
f) Mutualism : Both are benefited.
g) Commensal : One is benefited other is not harmed.
h) Cannibal : that eats its own species. The man who eats human flesh.
i) Predator : that runs & catches is prey.
j) Decomposer : That converts complex substances into simpler form.
k) Symbotic : living together.
Food habits / Human beings :
a) Gourmand : One who eats too much.
b) Phagomanioc : One who is afraid of food/eating.
c) Sitophobic : One who is afraid of food/eating.
d) Epicure : One who is found of eating & drinking.
e) Cannibal : A man who eats human flesh.
f) Gourmet : Specialist in food making.
g) Dipsomaniac : One who is addicted to alcoholic drinks.
h) Dipsophobic :  One who is afraid of alcoholic drinks.
i) Teetotaler : One who is not addicted to anything.