Quantitive Aptitude for IBPS PO Pre 2018

Here is the Quiz for IBPS PO Pre 2018.

1).Train A travelling at 126 km/hr speed, completely crosses Train B in 9 seconds. Train B is half the length of Train A and is travelling at a speed of 90 km/hr in the opposite​​ direction (towards Train A). How much will Train A take to cross a platform of length 690 metres ?​​ 

(a) 28 seconds​​   

(b) 32 seconds​​ 

(c) 25 seconds​​   

(d) 30 seconds​​ 

(e) 35 seconds


2) A streamer takes one hour more to go 48 km upstream than the time to​​ go 60 km downstream. If the steamer takes equal time to cover 30 km downstream and 18 km upstream then find the ratio of the speed of the boat in still water and the speed of the stream.​​ 

(a)16kmph, 4kmph  

(b)12kmph, 3 kmph

(c)14 kmph, 4 kmph

(d)12 kmph, 4​​ kmph

(e)none of these


3) A tank has three pipes. The first pipe can fill​​  12 part of the tank in 1 hour and the second pipe can fill​​ 13​​ part in 1 hour. The third pipe is for making the tank empty. When all the three pipes are open,​​ ​​ 712 th part of the tank is filled in 1 hours. How much time will the third pipe take to empty the completely filled tank ?​​ 

(a) 3 hours​​    

(b) 4 hours

(c) 5 hours   

(d) 6 hours

(e)none of these


4)By walking at a speed ​​ 66 23 % ​​​​ more than usual speed, a man reaches his office 20 minutes earlier. Find the usual time taken by him to reach the office.​​ 

(a) 45 minutes    

(b) 50 minutes

(c) 60 minutes    

(d) 75 minutes

(e) None of these


5)A shopkeeper sold 12 cameras at a profit of 20% and 8 cameras at a profit of 10%. If he sold all the 20​​ cameras at a profit of 15%, then his profit would have been reduced by Rs 36. What is the cost price of each camera?

(a) 100   

(b) 150  

(c) 180   

(d) 220    

(e) Rs 16





Solutions :



1.(d);​​ Length of train​​ A​​ =2x​​ m

Length of train B​​ =x​​ m



time=360+690126×518=105035=30 sec​​ 



2. (a);​​ Ratio of upstream​​ to downstream speed =​​ 3018=5 :3

483x-605x= 1 , x=4

Upstream and downstream speed = 20, 12 kmph

Speed of stream and water = 16, 4 kmph



3.(b); Let the 3rd pipe can empty full tank in​​ x​​ hours

12+13-1x=712, x=4 hours



4.(b); Let usual speed​​ =S, ​​ usual time​​ =t

 ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ St =53 S (t-13 )

t=56×60=50​​ minutes​​ 




5. (c);​​ Let the cost price of cameras is c



3.2c=P  …(i)


3c = P – 36

3c = 3.2c – 36

36 = 0.2c

c = 180