The Hindu Vocabulary for SBI and IBPS : 3rd August 2019

DEBASEMENT(verb)नीचा दिखाना  
Meaningthe action of reducing the quality or value of something
Synonyms: abase, corrupt
Antonyms: uplift, ennoble
Example: Currency debasement means that the more dollars there are in circulation, the less each dollar is worth.
Meaningbehavior in which you refuse to obey someone or something
Synonymsbalkiness, forwardness
Antonyms: compliance, submission
Example: In defiance of the ceasefire, rebel troops are again firing on the capital.
Meaning: a short visit, especially with a known purpose
Synonyms: descent, invasion
Antonyms: leave, abstention
ExampleI made a quick foray into town before lunch to get my sister a present.
FAWNING (adjective) चापलूस
Meaning: displaying exaggerated flattery or affection; obsequious.
Synonyms: sycophantic, ingratiating, subservient, cajoling.
Antonyms: imperious, domineering, peremptory, opinionated.
Example: Because Larry really wants a promotion, he spends a great deal of time fawning over his boss.
FURLOUGH (noun) लम्बी छुट्टी
Meaningleave of absence, especially that granted to a member of the services of a missionary.
Synonyms: break, rest, recess, a day off.
Antonyms: rehire, recall, travail, toil.
Example: I have just learned that Cousin George has got his furlough extended thirty days.
SMUG (adjective)आत्मसंतुष्ट
Meaning: having or showing an excessive pride in oneself or one’s achievements.
Synonyms: bighead, conceitedness, ego, vainglory.
Antonyms: diffidence, bashfulness, demureness, shyness.
Example: Because Amit had a smug attitude during his meeting with the principal, he projected the image he was proud of his misdeeds.
ENSCONCE (Verb) स्थापित करना
Meaning: establish or settle (someone) in a comfortable, safe place.
Synonyms: settle, install, establish, entrench
Antonymsdepart, displace
ExampleClara is comfortably ensconced in a beach chair and has no immediate plans to return to work.
SURMISE (Verb) शंका
Meaning: suppose that something is true without having evidence to confirm it.
Synonyms: guess, conjecture, deduce, infer
Example: Jason knew it was wrong of him to surmise his brother had stolen his money without actual proof.
GOAD (Verb) उसकाव
Meaningprovoke or annoy (someone) so as to stimulate an action or reaction.
Synonymsprovoke, spur, prick, sting
Antonyms: aid, dissuade
Example: My mother is going to try and goad her dog into getting off the bed by offering him a treat.