English Quiz for SBI PO Prelims 2019 -Set 1

Directions (1-15): In each of the questions given below, a sentence is given which is divided into FOUR parts such that the parts are jumbled and they do not make a meaningful sentence. Rearrange the following parts to form a grammatically correct and meaningful sentence and choose the correct rearrangement from the options given below each question.

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Daily English Quiz-Reading Comprehension, Sentence Completion, Fillers : 6 January 2019

Girl Education in India is largely essential for the growth of the nation because girls can do most of the things better than the boys. Nowadays girl education is necessary and is also compulsory because girls are the future of the country. In India, girl’s education is necessary as to develop socially and economically. Educated women yield a positive impact on Indian society through their contribution in professional fields like – medical, defense services, science and technology. They do good business and are also well-versed in handling their home and office. An improved economy and society are the outcome of girl’s education. Educated women can also help in controlling the population of the country by marrying at the right or later age in comparison (A) —————————-.

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Daily English Quiz-Sentence Completion, Idioms & Phrase : 4 January 2019

Directions (1-7): In each of the questions given below an incomplete sentence is given which must be filled/completed with one of the sentences/words given below i.e. one of the sentences/words can be fit into the given blanks. Choose the correct option and complete the given sentences. If none of the given alternatives is appropriate to fill the blank, choose option (e) i.e. “none of these” as your answer choice.

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