Polity Quiz for RRB NTPC, RRB JE, SSC CGL

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Q1. The constitutional amendment through which the four regional languages namely Bodo, Dogri, Maithali and Santhali were included in the constitution is?
(a) 72nd
(b) 92nd
(c) 93rd
(d) 94th

Q2. In which year did the first amendment of Indian Constitution take place?
(a) 1951
(b) 1950
(c) 1948
(d) 1949

Q3. Under which of the following amendment, education was made a fundamental right?
(a) 83rd amendment in 2003
(b) 83rd amendment in 2002
(c) 86rd amendment in 2002
(d) 87rd amendment in 2003

Q4. Article 60 of the Indian Constitution refers to?
(a) Election of the President of India
(b) Oath of the President
(c) Impeachment of the President
(d) Vice President of India

Q5. Which amendment to the Indian Constitution added the words Secular and Socialist in the Preamble?
(a) Fortieth
(b) Forty-first
(c) Forty-second
(d) Forty-third

Q6. Article 324-329 of the Indian Constitution deals with which of the following?
(a) Tribunals
(b) Elections
(c) Cast System
(d) Panchayat system

Q7. By which Amendment was ‘Fundamental Duties’ added to the Constitution?
(a) 42nd
(b) 46th
(c) 61st
(d) 88th

Q8. Right to Privacy comes under?
(a) Article 19
(b) Article 20
(c) Article 21
(d) Article 18

Q9. Which of the following constitutional Amendment Act, deals with Elementary Education as a Fundamental Right?
(a) 84th Amendment Act
(b) 85th Amendment Act
(c) 86th Amendment Act
(d) 87th Amendment Act

Q10. The National Green Tribunal deals with cases relating to?
(a) Issues relating to protection and conservation of historical monuments.
(b) Civil cases.
(c) Criminal offences.
(d) Environmental protection and conservation of forests.

Q11. Indian constitution can be amended according to the procedure laid down in the following Article?
(a) Article 368
(b) Article 345
(c) Article 351
(d) Article 333

Q12. Which of the following Article of Indian Constitution deals with the Right to Equality before Law?
(a) Article – 13(2)
(b) Article – 14
(c) Article – 15(4)
(d) Article – 17

Q13. The word “Secular” was added to the Preamble of the constitution of India by which Constitutional Amendment?
(a) 41st Constitutional Amendment
(b) 42nd Constitutional Amendment
(c) 43rd Constitutional Amendment
(d) 44th Constitutional Amendment

Q14. Which Constitutional Amendment Act deals with the disqualification of MPs and MLAs?
(a) 42nd Amendment Act
(b) 52nd Amendment Act
(c) 62nd Amendment Act
(d) 32nd Amendment Act

Q15. Which of the following schedules contains special provisions for the administration of tribal areas in the four northeastern states of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram
(a) First schedule
(b) Second schedule
(c) Third schedule
(d) Sixth schedule


  1. Ans.(b)
  2. Ans.(a)
  3. Ans.(c)
  4. Ans.(b)
  5. Ans.(c)
  6. Ans.(b)
  7. Ans.(a)
  8. Ans.(c)
  9. Ans.(c)
  10. Ans.(d)
  11. Ans.(a)
  12. Ans.(b)
  13. Ans.(b)
  14. Ans.(b)
  15. Ans.(d)

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