Questions asked in SSC CGL 2018 – 4th June 2019

Questions asked in SSC CGL

general awareness questions asked in ssc cgl 2018 

Q1.Who is the founder of Facebook?
Ans-Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

Q2. Which sports has been included in 2022 Asian Games by the General Assembly of the Olympic
Council of Asia (OCA)?

Q3. Methyl propane is an isomer of

Q4.Dry ice is also known as
Ans-Solid carbon dioxide

Q5. Which was the first country to implement Good and Service Tax (GST)?

Q6. Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited (TISCO) was established in

Q7. Who is the chief minister of Goa who died in office recently?
Ans-Manohar Parrikar

Q8. The Indian National Association was founded in –

Q9. Wadiyar Dynasty ruled which kingdom of Indian Subcontinent?
Ans-Mysore Kingdom

Q10. Musi and Bhima River are tributaries of which river?
Ans-Krishna River

Q11. In which Indian state the Martial Thoda folk dance is performed?
Ans-Himachal Pradesh

Q12.Phom is a folk dance of which Indian state?

Q13. Which edition of IND-INDO CORPAT Exercise was recently held at Port Blair?

Q14. Malimath committee is related with which of the following?
Ans- Reform in criminal justice system

Q15.Which of the following ruler attacked and plundered Somnath temple?
Ans- Mahmud of Ghazni

Q16. Who among the following won 38th GEEBEE Boxing tournament in Helsinki?
Ans-Kavinder Singh Bisht

Q17. J J Thomson got Noble Prize for discovery of which of following subatomic particle?

Q18. Who was the first female DGP of Puducherry?
Ans- S Sundari Nanda

Q19. Which among the following is a metalloid?

Q20. Which among the following city is not in the world 10 cheapest city according to “Cost of Living
Ans- Gurgaon

Q21. Sundari tree is found in which kind of forest?
Ans-Mangrove Forest

Q22. Against which of the following Judge of Supreme court first impeachment motion is initiated?
Ans-V Ramaswami

Q23. Which queen died fighting with Mughal Army in Battle of Gondwana defending her kingdom
of Garha Katanga in 1564?
Ans- Rani Durgavati

Q24. Badampahar Iron ore Mines are situated in which of the following States?

Q25. Catenation is maximum in which of the following element?