Puzzle for RRB PO Prelims – Set 3

Puzzle for RRB PO Prelims


Directions (1-5): Study the following information and answer the given questions:
Eight family members A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H live on 8 different floors of a building, lowermost floor is numbered as 1 and topmost floor is numbered as 8. There are only 3 female members and 3 generation in a family. There is only three persons live between B’s son and B’s wife. F is daughter-in -law of A and has only two children. There is only three persons live between A’s brother-in-law and F. H doesn’t live above A. D, who lives on odd numbered floor, lives below H but not lives above F. Aunt of E lives above E’s floor. G lives on odd numbered floor but not on 5th floor. A is a wife of H’s brother. C doesn’t live just below G’s uncle. B, who is not from 2nd generation, has one daughter. F lives just below B’s son. H and E live on even numbered floor. D is not a female member. C doesn’t live just above A and just below A’s Daughter in law.
Q1. Who among the following is a son of B? 
(a) D
(b) E
(c) G
(d) C
(e)None of these
Q2. Who amongst the following lives on floor number 3?
(a) B’s son
(b) D
(c) None of these
(d) B’s wife
(e) E
Q3. C lives on which of the following floor?
(a) 4th floor
(b) 6th floor
(c) 5th floor
(d) None of these
(e) 8th floor
Q4. Who among the following is/are a son of G? 
(a) E
(b) C
(c) None of these
(d) Both (a) and (e)
(e) D
Q5. How many people live between the floors on which D and B live? 
(a) None
(b) Two
(c) One
(d) More than three
(e) Three